A Disability Health Emergency

The Worrying Stats About Disability:

  • 72% of people with a disability are overweight or obese.
  • 36% of people with disability have a severe mental health condition

If this is left to continue at its current rate it will only continue to grow and the health consequences will be dire. 

So What Can We Do About This?

Exercise. Exercise is the most sustainable form of health management for individuals with disability. Exercise can significantly improve a person’s weight and it can significantly improve mental health. 

Without exercise, individuals with disabilities have a higher chance of developing other serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and joint problems. 

Exercise will help to manage body weight as well as increase strength, coordination and heart health. 

By engaging in exercise a physical outlet is also provided to help clear your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. With an increase is physical ability comes an increase in confidence and an increased self reliance. 

How Are People With Disability Supported Through Exercise?

  • We make sure that everyone is comfortable in our gym/clinic environment
  • We make sure our exercise is fun
  • We make sure each session is tailored to the individual

Having a disability can be very isolating. Even if people do not mean to discriminate it will often still happen due to their own lack of education and skills. By providing practitioners who are not only experienced but also super versatile we can quickly develop a plan to provide support no matter what they ability of our clients. 

Who Can Provide Exercise Services to People With Disability?

Exercise physiologists are the most qualified individuals in the allied health field to provide ongoing exercise treatment. Exercise physiology is a 4-5 year university degree where the practitioners are specifically trained to work with a variety of conditions and disabilities. Through their training they can quickly adapt any situation to meet each persons individual needs. There are some amazing personal trainers and some gyms who have made helping people with disability their passion however, in general, most will not be as equipped to work with people with disabilities. 

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