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All Abilities Exercise Physiology

Helping people with disabilities improve their health and achieve independence is one of the cornerstones of our organisation. We work with both adults and kids to increase their strength, coordination, balance, stamina and general health. Because we work in the non-clinical environment of a CrossFit gym, there is no separation between a person with or without a disability. We treat each person the same and work to their own individual abilities.

Each persons challenges are unique and varied. If you have a rare disability we haven’t worked with before then we will go out of our way to research and up skill on how to help you best.

How can we help?

A person with disability is just like any other. They suffer from the same lifestyle diseases and health problems as people without disability. Unfortunately though they disproportionately suffer these conditions to a greater degree. Exercise Physiologists are specially trained to be able to adapt to each persons individual circumstances and help them get the exercise they need to live a healthy life. As there are thousands of different variations of disabilities, a big part of our job is being able to problem solve and work out how best to help. Where some people see a complex condition as something that is too hard to work with – we see it as a rewarding challenge to our skills which will make a lasting difference to another persons life.

Benefits of Exercise

Improved mood and energy

Improved heart health

Increased Strength

Increased balance and coordination

Decreased Blood Sugar levels

Decreased risk of falls

Exercise Physiology Treatments

I’m not on the NDIS yet, how can I get funding?

The NDIS is an amazing service (once you know how to use it). Getting started though can be daunting and confusing.

To help we’ve put together a step by step guide to using NDIS funding for Exercise Treatment.

Just click the button below to download.