Is it safe to Exercise after Stroke?

I’m worried about exercising after my stroke. What if something happens again?


Stroke is a major fear of many people in Australia. Whilst severity can range from extremely mild to extremely debilitating, any event needs to be taken seriously. Following stoke, even if mild, it can be difficult to continue with your daily hobbies and activities. Fear of reoccurrence, injury or simply making an embarrassing slip up can lead many Australians to simply avoid.


Following a stroke, the chance of death increases per year from a recurring or underlying cardiac event. For those fortunate enough to have a mild stroke, it should be considered an early wake up call to focus on putting your health as a priority.


So why is exercise so important?


Instead of fearing exercise and activity it is highly recommended to gradually and consistently become more active. Exercise Physiologists are your primary practitioner to help you start this journey safely and effectively?


So why should you Exercise after a stroke??


Reduce the recurrence of stroke

Exercise benefits greatly outweigh the risks of stroke recurrence by increasing the body’s function, independence, strength and stamina.


Increased motor function

Working to adapt and enhance gross motor skills from basic to advanced movements


Increase muscle strength and tone

An increase in muscle size and strength has high correlations with improved functional capacity.


Improved cardiac health

Exercise can assist with hearth health and function, which can decrease the likelihood of further co-existing health conditions. 


Improved quality of life

Helped by increasing independence at home and in the community. A greater quality of life was demonstrated in stroke patients who exercised more regularly than those that did not (International Journal of Neuroscience, 2018). 


Reduced fear and avoidance

As confidence plays a role in everyday life, having the mental preparedness to succeed in a task will help with reducing associated fear with a difficult task. 



Although not the sole treatment for stroke patients,  its benefits demonstrate why it should be part of a lifestyle routine for anyone recovering from the event. Used in conjunction with other medical professionals, exercise can improve most aspects of your daily life to help get you back to your fullest potential.


Let us help you today by starting the exercise and health journey again. If you have a family member or loved one who would benefit from exercise physiology, get in touch with our team today or consult with your doctor.  



Alex Josipovich

Exercise Physiologist

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