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Pathways to Better Health

Being in Australia we are lucky in the wide range of funding options available to us to help with our healthcare needs. If you are unsure what options may be available to you please read below and if you need any clarification please reach out to one of our team members for help.

NDIS Exercise Physiology

South West Health Management is a fully registered and certified NDIS Provider. 

Through the NDIS we are able to provide cost free exercise treatment for a wide range of people. We are passionate about helping people overcome their barriers and make the most out of life. We treat the person, not the disability. At SWHM you will be provided with tailored exercise treatment whilst at the same time being amongst a community of friendly and supportive people.

Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced being able to adapt to each persons individual needs.

At SWHM we don’t use machines.  We use a combination of free weights, body weight movements and real world objects which will help you to be able to use your strength and fitness in every day life.

To get started simply call or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Private Health

Did you know many Private Health Insurances cover Exercise Physiology? 

Any clinical support and services performed by South West Health Management can be subsidised with a Health Fund Rebate using your private health insurance membership card. Simply swipe your membership card and your insurer will cover some or all of the cost and you can cover the gap using your credit card, debit card or cash.

Not all health funds will provide cover for Exercise Physiology. Check with your health fund to see if you are covered.

Medicare and DVA

If you are seeking treatment via DVA or Medicare please read below. 

There are a range of funding options available depending on your situation. Please ensure you have a relevant referral from your doctor which is directed to South West Health Management to ensure you can receive the rebate available to you.

If you have a chronic disease / medical condition you may be eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan which is bulk billed under Medicare Australia. This enables you to receive a rebate on up-to 5 Allied Health sessions per calendar year.

Funding may also be available for veterans who have a referral from their medical practitioner, medical specialist or hospital discharge planner which includes a diagnosis informing us of the patient’s condition requiring clinically necessary treatment.

Veterans must also hold a DVA Health Card (Gold Card or White Card) where the referral for treatment relates to a war-caused or service-related condition accepted by DVA.

Work Cover

Did you know you can request where you receive treatment for workplace injuries? 

SWHM will assist you to return to work faster, safer and stronger whilst reducing the chance or re-injure. We do this by increasing your strength,  improving muscle imbalances and improving mobilisation and flexibility, balance and co-ordination using real world objects and equipment which relate to your workplace.

To begin treatment simply obtain a referral from your doctor to South West Health Management so we can begin with an assessment and you get you the road to recovery.

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