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Discover the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective form of therapy that is used around the world. It is a safe, natural method that uses focused attention in order to help you achieve change within your life, allowing you the ability to overcome obstacles that have previously held you back. Hypnosis bypasses that critical factor in your mind. I like to explain it as you know when someone tells you that you can do something and in your mind you have that “yeah but” reaction, with hypnosis we can bypass that so the information gets in without you questioning it.

Break the cycle to find a better you

With the use of Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis we will be able to talk to the unconscious mind, this is the part of the mind that is responsible for all of our automatic functions, so those habits and learned behaviours that we do without even thinking about them, like driving a car, remember when you had to think about everything you were doing while driving, and over time it became part of your subconscious, and you just do it now without a second thought.

This is what makes hypnosis so powerful in helping change unhelpful behaviours that we have developed over time, because we can imprint these new skills into our subconscious and make these automatic. They will be your new normal.

Who Can Clinical Hypnotherapy help?


Are you constantly in your head worrying about what might go wrong?

Do you find yourself avoiding situations, for fear of being out of your comfort zone?

Low self esteem

Are you worried about what other people think of you?

Do you find that you have a voice in your head that puts you down?


Do you have a behaviour that you are holding onto that you want to stop?

Is your addiction effecting your friendships, family life or your mental wellbeing?


Do you find yourself worrying about yourself and others?

Are you going through a major change in your life that is causing you stress?


Do you have an irrational fear of something?

Do you find you avoid certain situations due to your phobia?


Are you unable to control your outbursts?

Is your Anger effecting your relationships?


Do you find yourself avoiding tasks that need to be completed?

Has your procrastination stopped you from achieving your goals?

Weight loss

Do you start a weight loss program and then self sabotage?

Is your health effecting your quality of life?


Are you finding it hard to get a good nights sleep?

Is your energy levels and your mood suffering from your lack of sleep?

Meet Tammie

Tammie Andrews

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tammie is a local mother of 2 who has a passion for helping people improve their lives and learn ways to live their best life moving forward.

Growing up Tammie suffered form low self esteem and anxiety, which effected her into her adult life. Finding a way to not only work past these feelings, but to actually have control over these feelings, changed Tammie’s life for the better and now has her working in a field where she is able to use her skills as well as life experience to help others, not only feel better, but do better.

Tammie holds a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy, HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator & NLP


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    What is hypnotherapy used for?

    Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to treat conditions or change habits.

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    Does hypnotherapy really work?

    Hypnotherapy is an effective method used many conditions. There is a growing amount of evidence that supports its benefits for treating a wide range of conditions including pain, anxiety and phobias.  

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    What is the success rate of hypnotherapy?

    Studies have shown that hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate after 6 sessions.

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    What happens during hypnotherapy?

    During hypnosis, a trained hypnotherapist induces a state of intense concentration or focused attention. This is a guided process with verbal cues and repetition. The trance-like state you enter may appear similar to sleep in many ways, but you’re fully aware of what’s going on.

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    Can hypnosis go wrong?

    Hypnotherapy does have some risks. The most dangerous is the potential to create false memories (called confabulations), however here at South West Health Management we  focus our sessions on your future as opposed to your past, by doing this we eliminate the possibility of creating any false memories.

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    Do you talk during hypnotherapy?

    The Hypnotherapy session will be a collaboration between the therapist and the client, this will involve having the beginning of your appointment as a time where we will sit down and talk about what you are wanting to achieve and how we will go about achieving these outcomes together. 

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    Does hypnotherapy work for anxiety?

    Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. Together we will look at the behaviours that you have learnt over time that are causing you to feel stress and anxiety, we will then look at changing these behaviours whilst in hypnosis.

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    Can you hypnotise yourself?

    Definitely – in fact we will teach you how to do this so you can continue to build on the benefits or your sessions. 

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    How many hypnotherapy sessions are needed for anxiety?

     The length of sessions will depend on the individual however most people will find that they need between 4-6 sessions to overcome anxiety.

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    What kind of person can be hypnotised?

    Anybody is able to be hypnotised, as long as they are able to focus and take on suggestions

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