Injury management

Injuries and Chronic pain can greatly affect peoples lives.

Exercise Physiologists work to treat injuries and pain through exercise by increasing strength, stability, mobility and flexibility.

Through exercise we can greatly effect the healing time of an initial injury and help decrease the pain and increase the function of long term injuries. 

OUR injury management PROGRAM OFFERS

expert practioners

All our exercise physiologist have completed a masters in Exercise Physiology and have vast experience working with many complex injuries. 

Customized roadmap

We work with each patient to develop and individualised plan for becoming injury free. 


We all know that people don’t do their home exercises consistantly. We ensure all our exercise is done in session so you don’t have to worry about staying consistent on your own. 

learn self management

Everyone should be able to self manage their own aches and pains. Through your sessions we aim to help you learn to do this so you can stay pain free. 


Talk with a practitioner & make a plan

Start treatment & get results.

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