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 Full Time Exercise Physiologist

Whats the Job?

We’re looking for an Exercise Physiologist to join our team with a full time permanent position. We are looking for someone who has 2-3 years experience that can hit the ground running but also someone that isn’t stuck in their ways and is willing to learn and adapt to our style.

We need someone that has attention to detail so if you haven’t watched the video above, sussed out our website and explored our social media yet then I recommend you get on that BEFORE submitting an application. We don’t just want someone who wants a job, we want someone who wants a job HERE.

We look after our team and like to have a very casual and fun environment. Whilst you will get plenty of support and training, we aren’t micro managers. So that means you’ll need to be self accountable and take initiative. We also aren’t obsessed with the exact number of hours you do each day – What’s more important to us is doing a good job and having a good result. Work life balance and mental health are given a massive focus here and we encourage flexibility in work hours.

Lastly we expect you to be a people person. Being an EP means working face to face with people. Many of those people are in vulnerable positions. To do this job you need to like people, you need to like helping people and you need to be able to make people in pain feel better about their day.

You’ll also see we do a tonne of video content. That means you need to be comfortable in front of a camera. If you’re not comfortable yet that’s cool, I’ll teach you to be but I want to see you’re willing to put yourself out there. To show this, send me through a video cover letter. Introduce yourself, tell me a bit about yourself and your experience, what you think you can bring to the team and what you’re passionate about. I don’t expect it to be an amazing production, but I want to see you’re willing to give it a go. Either upload direct or send me a youtube or vimeo link.

If this sounds like a job you can see yourself in then shoot through an application and we can get the ball rolling!

The boring bits


ESSA Exercise Physiologist Accreditation


2-3 years clinical experience

Training experience in CrossFit or other strength and conditioning programs

Clinical experience in musculoskeletal injury

Clinical experience in NDIS

Clinical experience in Work Cover

Experience in liaison with GP’s and other health professionals

Experience in Nookal, Google drive, Adobe suite, Facebook and google ads (don’t stress if you don’t, just a bonus).



NSW Health Service Health Professionals State Award 2019

(plus a bit extra)

Professional development package

(If you want to increase your knowledge were happy to help pay for it)

Full super, holidays and sick leave in accordance with fair work Australia


Applications close

14/10/2020 – midnight

2020/10/14 23:59:59

Apply here!

Contact us using the form below to register your interest.

  • Drop files here or
    Like I said, video is optional - if you look on our socials though you'll see we do a lot of video content so someone who is confident in front of a camera will have a big advantage.

For any questions just e-mail:

[email protected]