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“A very professional and friendly approach with developing a programme to suit my unique rehabilitation requirements. It is quite often the smallest adjustments and corrections that deliver the most noticeable results. Definitely noticing improvement with my progress which helps in performing every day activities with greater confidence. Highly recommended.”

Mirae’s story

“Thank you to all the team at south west health for being welcoming, friendly and supportive. You can tell it’s their passion to help their clients reach their full potential. My son has only been seeing Ben for a short time and I couldn’t be happier with the results/ change in my son so far… he is more motivated and eager to participate in his sessions. He has learnt proper technique, strength and increased mobility. I have also noticed that he is more confident in himself… thank you”

Julie’s story

“I’ve seen both James and Ben from South West Health Management for treatment to some minor sporting injuries, within a couple of sessions they have me feeling better and moving better. With their help and guidance I am also able to help prevent injuries by continuing the exercises that they provide. Furthermore I cannot recommend them more from what I have seen them achieve with their NDIS clientel who week after week get better and better with their exercise. Stronger, fitter, happier, more confident and more. Sensational team.”

Mitch’s story

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