THE South West Health Management STORY

Born from the passion of CrossFit South West Sydney, South West Health Management emerged in 2018. As CrossFit SWS we had been helping the general population take their health and fitness to new heights for 8 years. But what about those that didn’t fit the mould? We recognised the need for a broader approach to health, catering to diverse needs beyond the CrossFit realm. Today, we stand as a thriving, independent entity – still connected to our CrossFit roots, but charting our own path towards a healthier Macarthur.

To empower Macarthur to set the standard for thriving, healthy communities.

By creating a culture of self driven health improvement, we Aim to be a catalyst for positive change and ignite a passion for physical activity across Macarthur

Who We are:
Behind our mission lies our values which make up who we are both as people and a business. We play Above the Line in everything we do, integrity and professionalism being our guiding lights.

Each session is treated with the utmost Unwavering Dedication, fuelled by boundless patience, enthusiasm, and a commitment to leading by example.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards, always Under Promising and Over Delivering, exceeding expectations with every interaction.

The harder we work, the luckier we get, embracing the belief that Effort Equals Opportunity.
We learn from our missteps, recognising that It is Ok to Make Mistakes, as Long as We Learn from Them.

When facing challenges, we don’t simply react – we explore, innovate, and discover the best possible solutions, fuelled by a Problem-Solving Mindset.

We’re not just individuals; we’re a team, and we understand that A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats. Collaboration and mutual respect are paramount, for at South West Health, we strive to be the people we’d want to work with, embodying Respectful Relationships.

We know that true progress lies not in perfection, but in consistent strides forward, embracing Progress, Not Perfection.

We celebrate the power of small changes, believing that Changes that Seem Small and Unimportant at First Will Compound and Turn into Remarkable Results. Inversely, we’re acutely aware that the little things matter. We pay close attention to detail, understanding that It is the Accumulation of Many Missteps, a 1% Decline Here and There, that Eventually Leads to a Problem.

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Megan Colley

While you might not see Megan leading classes or running sessions, a lot happens off the beaten track. That’s where you’ll find Megan Colley, quietly working her magic.

Megan’s not one for the spotlight, but her impact is undeniable. Think of her as the Architect of Excellence behind the operation, making sure everything runs smoothly and shines with quality. From strategic planning to client experience to even those captivating social media posts, her fingerprints are everywhere.

Her journey has been diverse. Soaring through the skies as a flight attendant gave her those legendary customer service skills, while becoming a certified personal trainer and a dedicated CrossFitter for over a decade grounded her in the world of fitness. This unique blend makes her invaluable to SWHM – she understands clients’ needs as a trainer and ensures every encounter is friendly and efficient from a strategic perspective.

And don’t underestimate her creative spark. Megan’s a whiz with a camera and editing software, and chances are, if you’ve seen a stunning gym photo or a motivating quote on SWHM or CrossFit SWS social media, it was her creative vision that brought it to life.

But Megan’s true strength lies behind the scenes. She works tirelessly with James, ensuring the businesses run like clockwork, strategically planning for the future, and setting the compass for continued growth. It’s a role that thrives on quiet dedication and meticulous attention to detail – qualities Megan embodies perfectly.

So, while Megan might not be the first face you see, she’s the one keeping the heart of SWHM and CrossFit SWS beating. Her passion for fitness, commitment to quality, and ability to connect with people make her an invaluable asset, ensuring everyone feels welcome, supported, and inspired.

James Colley

James knows firsthand the power of movement. Since 2009, he’s used his expertise as an Exercise Physiologist to help people of all abilities discover the joy of active living.

His journey began in 2008, getting hooked on CrossFit’s dynamic spirit. He saw its potential to empower anyone, not just elite athletes. So, in 2010, he opened CrossFit South West Sydney, creating a welcoming space for diverse individuals to explore their fitness potential.

But James wanted to reach even further. In 2018, with his wife Megan he founded South West Health Management, leveraging his experience with gym injuries and diverse populations to offer personalised support to those navigating chronic conditions, disabilities, and aging.

While James enjoys coaching on the gym floor, these days, he finds his greatest satisfaction behind the scenes. He thrives on building strong teams, optimising operations, and creating a supportive environment where everyone can learn and grow.

Beyond the gym walls, James loves chasing adventure in the great outdoors. From rock climbing to snow boarding, camping to Ultra Marathon, he embraces the challenges and celebrates the human body’s resilience. These experiences keep him grounded and inspire him to help others discover the joy of movement, whatever their limitations.

James’ story is one of quiet dedication and a genuine belief in everyone’s potential. He’s a patient guide, a skilled advisor, and a champion for making fitness accessible and enjoyable for all.

OUR team

Erin Marczan

Exercise Physiologist

Fueled by a love for movement and resilience, Erin joined South West Health Management in 2022, bringing with her a powerful combination of academic prowess and real-world experience. Her Sport Science degree and Master's in Clinical Exercise Physiology provide the foundation for her clinical expertise, while her background in gymnastics and soccer - and current ventures into competitive powerlifting and scuba diving - showcase her passion for movement in all its forms.

But Erin’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Successfully overcoming multiple ACL reconstructions has instilled in her a deep empathy and a burning desire to help others overcome similar obstacles. At SWHM, Erin thrives on guiding clients with orthopedic conditions back to their sporting dreams, utilizing her personal insights and clinical knowledge to craft personalized rehabilitation plans that empower them to perform at their peak.

Beyond her dedicated patient care, Erin is drawn to the vibrant tapestry of life at SWHM. The rich diversity of clients, the engaging personalities, and the supportive culture energize her spirit and fuel her passion for making a positive impact. Every day, Erin witnesses the transformative power of rehabilitation and celebrates the triumphs of her clients, both big and small.

Erin is a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering resilience and a shining example of the dedication and compassion that define the SWHM team. We’re proud to have her on board!

Shannon Kishore

Exercise Physiologist

Driven by a passion for optimizing human potential, Shannon joined SWHM in 2022 armed with a Master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Since finishing his studies, his background in Personal Training has honed his skills in guiding athletes of all levels towards peak performance.

Shannon thrives on exceeding expectations. Clients appreciate his unwavering dedication, where he goes the extra mile to tailor personalized plans that nurture both physical prowess and overall well-being. At SWHM, he embraces the diverse clientele, finding it incredibly rewarding to navigate the unique needs of each individual. The vibrant workspace and supportive culture further fuel his passion for making a positive impact.

Beyond the confines of the gym, Shannon’s adventurous spirit takes him exploring new destinations and immersing himself in the energy of live music. This balance between commitment and personal exploration fuels his creativity and refreshes his perspective, ultimately benefiting his work and his clients.

Shannon’s dedication to excellence, his personalized approach, and his infectious enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to the SWHM team. We’re thrilled to have him on board!

Brittney Reid

Exercise Physiologist

Brittney joins South West Health Management with a passion for unlocking potential through exercise, honed by both her academic and real-world experience. Graduating with a Master's in Exercise Physiology in July 2023, she brings many years of gym experience, where she guided individuals on their path to a healthier, happier life.

Brittney’s true motivation lies in empowering specific populations. She’s driven to improve the function and well-being of those with neurological conditions, helping them regain control and lead independent lives. Equally dedicated to seniors, she advocates for an active lifestyle, promoting longevity and physical autonomy.

But Brittney’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm. She’s a firm believer in prevention, passionate about guiding people towards proactive measures to avoid diseases, injuries, and illnesses. When not inspiring others, you’ll find Brittney conquering weights in the gym, tackling CrossFit challenges, or exploring scenic trails. At home, she nurtures her love for houseplants, dives into captivating books, and cherishes moments with loved ones.

Brittney’s mission is simple: to empower individuals to take charge of their health and live their lives to the fullest. With her expertise, enthusiasm, and holistic approach, she’s an invaluable asset to the South West Health Management team.

Blake Abbott

Exercise Physiologist

Blake joined SW Health Management in March 2023, bringing his passion for movement and his expertise in Exercise Physiology to Macarthur's active seniors.

Fresh out of university with a Masters degree under his belt, Blake combines academic knowledge with practical experience honed during his time as a CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer. Building strong connections with clients comes naturally to him, and he fosters a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to reach their own goals.

For Blake, the real reward lies in witnessing the positive impact of exercise on people’s lives. “Seeing seniors gain confidence and independence through movement is incredibly motivating,” he shares. “It’s a privilege to be part of their journey toward better well-being.”

Outside of work, you’ll find Blake staying active – a lifelong love of sports like soccer and cricket keeps him on his toes. He enjoys facing challenges, whether it’s pushing his limits in the gym or mastering a new video game with friends. Ultimately, though, nothing beats catching up with his partner or simply unwinding with some quality time off.

Blake embodies the spirit of SW Health Management, where dedication, personalized support, and evidence-based practices come together to empower people of all ages to move well and feel their best. So, if you’re looking to take control of your health and rediscover the joy of movement, be sure to connect with Blake – he’s always happy to chat and help you create a sustainable plan for success.

Ese Uialatea

Front Desk + CrossFit Coach

Ese joined the SWHM team in 2023, bringing a vibrant mix of experience and enthusiasm. From nurturing young minds as a Childcare Support Educator in New Zealand to coaching aspiring CrossFitters at CFSWS, Ese thrives in diverse environments.

Their journey began in childcare, where they honed their nurturing skills and passion for working with kids. Upon returning to Australia, Ese’s athletic spirit took flight. They not only earned their CrossFit Level 1 Certification but also took on the role of CrossFit coach at SWS as well as setting up and running our CrossFit Kids program. Witnessing their administrative talents, the SWHM team welcomed Ese as an Administration Support Specialist, where their organization and efficiency shine through.

Ese’s dedication extends beyond work. Family time is precious, and Ese thrives in the laughter and love they share. In the spirit of continuous learning, Ese recently conquered Xtreme HipHop Step classes, proving their commitment to personal growth and fitness. Whether building blocks for tiny humans or explosive CrossFit workouts, Ese approaches each challenge with dedication and a contagious smile.

Ese exemplifies the SWHM spirit of passion, adaptability, and community. We’re thrilled to have them on board!

Tammie Andrews

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tammie is a local mother of 2 who has a passion for helping people improve their lives and learn ways to live their best life moving forward. Growing up Tammie suffered form low self esteem and anxiety, which effected her into her adult life. Finding a way to not only work past these feelings, but to actually have control over these feelings, changed Tammie’s life for the better and now has her working in a field where she is able to use her skills as well as life experience to help others, not only feel better, but do better. Tammie holds a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy, HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator & NLP

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