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Injury Rehab

Exercise Physiology is one of the most effective ways to treat and manage musculo-skeletal injuries. Using a range of mobility and stability exercises, we will work directly with you to rebuild your body and get you back doing what you love.


Everybody should be able to experience the joy of exercise! We know this can be a real challenge for people with complex needs. Our FitAbility Exercise program provides the support for both kids and adults to engage in safe and effective exercise! 1-on-1 and Small groups options available, fully subsidised by the NDIS.

Active Ageing

Our Active Aging program is specifically designed for people over 65 who want to feel young again, increase strength and become more mobile. We all know that Exercise is what keeps you young and working in a group at your own pace is the best way to do it.

Return to Strength Training

Returning to weight training following a birth can be an uncertain process for a lot of women. Even the most experienced may have self doubt put upon them either from themselves or from well meaning family members or friends. Join our Exercise Physiologist led group and get back with confidence.

Workers Compensation

SWHM will assist you to return to work faster, safer and stronger whilst reducing the chance or re-injure. We do this by increasing your strength, improving muscle imbalances and improving mobilisation and flexibility, balance and co-ordination using real world objects and equipment which relate to your workplace. To begin treatment simply obtain a referral from your doctor to South West Health Management so we can begin with an assessment and you get you the road to recovery.


Hypnotherapy is an effective form of therapy that is used around the world. It is a safe, natural method that uses focused attention in order to help you achieve change within your life, allowing you the ability to overcome obstacles that have previously held you back. Hypnosis bypasses that critical factor in your mind.


day 1

Increased brain functions and boosted mood

week 1

Improved energy and better health

month 1

Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass & overall fitness

month 3

See-it-in-the-mirror results

month 6

Compliments from friends/family & a healthier, more efficient heart

1 year

Increased life expectancy, better bone density and mental heath


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